Federal bike funding cut, but not gone

After years of extensions to the previous 2005 federal transportation bill, and seemingly endless debate and partisan gridlock, our elected leaders in Washington finally approved a transportation bill called MAP 21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century). We have now had a month to read and dissect the $105 billion two-year bill to [...]

Paying for Bicycle Facilities in Wisconsin

Bicycle & Pedestrian Funding Funding for bicycle infrastructure is a core component of our advocacy agenda. Bicycle infrastructure in Wisconsin is often viewed as a luxury or an afterthought, to be included only when the infrastructure for motor vehicles has been completed and perfected. Consequently, bicycle funding is often one of the first items in [...]

Cyclists paying our way, Walker style

I’ve got an idea I think Governor Walker will like.  I’m gonna give you the same pitch I will make to the Governor to get your feedback. If you readers think it is a good idea too, I will call the him and run my spiel.  (I heard about a secret code name bloggers can use if they want to talk to him). [...]