Race Friendships

I’m finding that a lot of times a photograph is the instigator of a new piece to sit down and write about and lately the subject matter (of this blog) is less about photography and more about other musings (did I just use that word?).  The photo to the left was one such inspiration and [...]

Team Growlers Snowbike Race

Thanks to Bike Fed member Steve Muerett for this guest post from Neillsville, WI which most of you are probably familiar with as the home of Chattty Belle. Steve has done some nice pieces on his personal blog, so I asked him to share some of his thoughts and photos with the rest of our [...]

The Skinny on Fatbikes

Readers of this blog may have noticed the recent appearance of some conspicuously corpulent bikes in posts written by Communications Director, Dave Schlabowske. These “fatbikes”, as they’re known, are carving out a niche in the the Wisconsin cycling scene faster than Clark Griswold on a saucer sled coated with a non-caloric, silicone-based kitchen lubricant. A [...]

Mustache Beach Ride Report

Sunday provided more evidence that the FatBike phenomenon is real and growing as 28 racers braved the cold and showed up for the Mustache Beach Race.  This is race #1 in the Wisconsin FatBike race series. This race was for FatBikes only, which means tires 3.7 inches wide or wider.  No skinny tires were allowed. [...]