Epic times north of HWY 8

My mom’s side of the family is from Park Falls, so I never really feel like I am “Up North” until I put Highway 8 behind me. I know I am in the Northwoods when I begin to see the hand-painted white picket signs that direct people to all the great little resorts, taverns and [...]

Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29er

Readers may remember that in my recent post about my family’s vacation Up North, I mentioned that I borrowed a pretty root-beer-colored Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29er mountain bike to ride. The Milwaukee Bicycle Company is the house brand for Ben’s Cycle on Milwaukee’s south side, down there where da streetcars useta turn da corner round. Drew designs all [...]

Milwaukee parking

 Less than 24 hours after I had post-movie pie last night, Liz and I found ourselves rolling over to Juniper 61 for dinner (and more pie) Friday night. There were there were lots of bikes, so not surprisingly we ran into a bunch of friends. These Milwaukee Bicycle Company bikes parked out back by the patio belong to some of them. [...]