17 Days Left to Kickstart New Wyatt Fatbike

There are only 17 days left in Wyatt Bikes Kickstarter campaign to get yourself a heavily discounted Wyatt Drift fatbike. Wyatt Bikes, based out of La Crosse, known for their line of affordable fixed-gear and single-speed bicycles, is moving into the fatbike market with their made-in-USA Drift. The Kickstarter campaign not only will help them [...]

Racing or Survival? Wausau 24

It’s been nearly a week since my both-footed jump back into mountain bike racing. “Racing?” Okay, well racing is like when it’s you against the other riders in the race-right? The Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) are what most people imagine when they think of mountain bike racing, but for me an endurance event is [...]

A Bike Race on the Calendar Changes Everything

Thanks to guest blogger Steve Meurett for sharing some sage perspective on racing and riding. You can read more of Steve’s thoughts from the shadows of Chatty Belle and see his great nature photography at his personal blog On The Edge . Not counting the Sweaty Yeti last March (and I should, it was a race and [...]

Frost Heave Ride

It’s no secret that fatbikes are known for their prowess in snow, with their heritage in Alaska and winter-time riding.  Sandy beach rides also suit the larger than life tires, and many fat bike owners are finding the shoreline to be a wonderful new riding venue.  After acquiring a Mukluk to my stable of bikes [...]

Race Friendships

I’m finding that a lot of times a photograph is the instigator of a new piece to sit down and write about and lately the subject matter (of this blog) is less about photography and more about other musings (did I just use that word?).  The photo to the left was one such inspiration and [...]