Please read these latest instructions if you are riding RAW this year. These were emailed to all participants through RunSignUp, but we have heard a number of people didn’t get the email.



What is the schedule for the one day riders?

Friday, August 26th:

  • 10am: Riders arrive at Kennedy Park in Kenosha for packet pick-up and to begin boarding motor coaches and their loading bikes. You can park for free in the grass north of the loading zone 44th Street. Bring your overnight backpack (not a suitcase since you have to carry this when you ride to your hotel in Dubuque). We will transport that backpack back to Kenosha (or Beloit and Kenosha for two-day riders).

Click on image above to see larger map, click here to open Google map.

  • Noon: Buses leave Kenosha for Dubuque
  • 4pm: Buses arrive Dubuque, unload bikes, head to hotels
  •  5:00pm packet pick-up continues in Dubuque at Five Flags Center (405 Main Street, Dubuque, IA) for those who did not take the motor coach from Kenosha.
  • 6:00pm-7:00pm Dinner with Jens Voigt at Five Flags if you signed up for that option, or dinner on your own.
  • 7:30pm to 8:30pm: Jens talk at Five Flags Center

Saturday, August 27th:

  • 5:00 am, begin staging for start on Main Street in downtown Dubuque by the Holiday Inn (450 Main Street, Dubuque, IA)
  • 6:00am official start
  • 6:22am is sunrise
  • 3pm: Cut off time for riders passing Beloit
  • 6pm Cut off for Bonner Lake rest stop
  • 2pm-9pm Kenosha Finish Party at Simmons Island Beach Park
  • 6:22am is Sunrise
  • 9:00am Two day riders should leave no later than 9am for the 75 mile ride from Beloit to Kenosha.
  • Noon-4pm Kenosha Finish Party at Simmons Island Beach Park

What is included if I purchase the transportation option from Kenosha to Dubuque?

You get a spot on a comfy motor coach, and Wheel & Sprocket will carefully pack your bike with moving blankets on a two-level moving van. They will also bring your overnight backpack back to Kenosha from Dubuque for you.

Is there a cut-off time?

Sunset is at 7:43 PM, and last year we asked a few riders to get in our sag vehicle at 8:30 PM because they were still more than 2 hours from the finish in Kenosha. We won’t force anyone to get in the sag vehicle, but we will not keep ride support on the road after 8:30 PM. Any riders refusing a lift to the finish will be riding on their own.

What is for lunch?

We are working with the very talented Chef Peter Sandroni of La Meranda and Engine Company 3 who is an avid cyclist to prepare a delicious lunch made with ingredients from Wisconsin  family farms. We will have vegetarian and Gluten Free options available. More details on the menu to come.

Rest stop food: We are pleased to have Bonk Breaker back as a sponsor of the sports nutritionals that will be available at all of the rest stops.  They will be providing a variety of sports food, along with their organic, real-food hydration drinks.  Traditional snack food will also be available.

Lunch stops (Monroe and Beloit) Menu:  We are pleased to have Chef Peter Sandroni providing the farm-to-table lunches at both of the lunch rest stops.  Please plan on which rest-stop you will want to have lunch as there will be one lunch per-person.  The fabulous menu to include (gluten-free items also available:

La Quercia Prosciutto and Carr Valley Creama Kasa cheese on Troubadour baguette


Grilled local vegetables with Carr Valley Creama Kasa cheese on Troubadour baguette

both served with a German potato salad, cranberry-quinoa salad, pickle and a protein dessert bar.

Lastly, we’ll also have on hand two sodas to choose from:  Maple-Espresso or Cranberry-Almond-Bee

What is for Dinner?

  • Beloit: The Rock Trail Coalition will provide dinner and a party in Beloit. They will be serving pulled pork, a vegitarian option, sides and beverages.
  • Kenosha: The finish party in Kenosha is catered by DeRango’s, The Pizza King of Kenosha. Derango’s will be serving a variety of pizza’s and Italian sausage bomber sandwiches and have water and soda. Beer is provided by Public Craft Brewing, of Kensoha.

How far apart are the rest stops?

You can also find these on the map.

  • New Diggings (25 miles), basic, staffed 6:30am-9:30am

  • Holland Dairy Farm (41.6), Chocolate Milk! 7:30am-10:30am

  • Monroe (66), full, staffed 8:30am-1:30pm

  • Avon (85), basic, staffed 10am-2pm

  • Beloit (104), full, staffed 11:30am-3:00pm

  • Walworth (128), basic 1pm-4pm

  • Bohner Lake (155) basic, 5:30pm-7:30pm

  • Kenosha Finish (175), full, staffed 3pm-9pm

Rest stop staffing times are based on slow riders averaging 12mph, fast riders 20mph, including rest stops. Ideally people who sign up should be able to average 15mph, including stops. That is pretty doable if riding in a group. Anyone not able to average 12mph will be sagged or told they are riding without support.

Rest stop staffing times are based on slow riders averaging 12mph, fast riders 20mph, including rest stops. Ideally people who sign up should be able to average 15mph, including stops. That is pretty doable if riding in a group. Anyone not able to average 12mph will be sagged or told they are riding without support.

Is there a registration cap?

Yes, we are closing registration at 1,200. Last year we capped the ride at 300, but raised the cap to 500 due to overwhelming demand. Nearly everyone who finished told us they plan to sign up again and bring a friend, It that is true, RAW could grow rapidly this year. To ensure we don’t grow too fast and can put on another fun, safe ride, we plan to cap the ride at 1,200.

Can I receive a refund if I am unable to participate?

RAW does not grant refunds; yet, a registrant may “cancel” their registration up to 15 minutes following the completion of their registration. We do; however, offer registration deferrals and highly recommend that you elect to join us next year if a conflict arises. After that all sales are final and there are no refunds.

Once registered; if unable to participate, Access your registration “Profile > My Registered Races” to complete your deferral.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that all proceeds from RAW support the Wisconsin Bike Fed.

How long will it take me to finish? 

How fast can you ride 175 miles? If you have no idea, you might want to register for the two day option. Last year the fastest group finished in just over 8 hours and the last rider crossed the line in 14 hours.

Is this a race?

No, this is a long, hard ride, but not a race. Bragging rights are that you finished. Expect to ride at a brisk, but conversational pace, and everyone will follow all the rules of the road at all times.

Will there be timing? Where can I find my results?

Remember, this is not a race? If we have timing at all, it will only be for accountability sake and we will not be posting finish times. This is a long ride. If you want to know how long it takes you, look at your watch, your phone or bicycle computer.

Will the roads be closed to motor vehicle traffic?

No, riders must follow all rules of the road. We expect all riders to be “roll models” and ambassadors for cycling.

How do I get back from Kenosha if I live in Dubuque?

Contact Shuttleguy to make transportation arrangements from Kenosha to Dubuque.

Can I end my ride in Beloit?

Sure, but we do not have a discounted rate for “half RAW.” We don’t have transportation options to or from Beloit either, but you can try to arrange that on your own if you want.

Can I start my ride in Beloit?

See above

Why is it so expensive?

It is very expensive to put on a high quality, point to point ride, but our price is in line with the national average for similar rides and Fondos. We also offer some of the best ride support, food and beverages you will find on any organized ride of this size and distance. We feel our ride is a good value compared to similar rides in Wisconsin and across the country.

If I choose the two-day option, will you transport my baggage to and from Beloit?

Yes, baggage transport to and from Beloit is included.