Matt Gissibl to Lead Bike Fed Mountain Biking Initiatives

I’m excited to announce that I will lead the Bike Fed’s mountain bike initiatives. In my new role I will work alongside Hansi Johnson, the Midwest Regional Director for the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).   Together we are going to work with all of you to make Wisconsin mountain bicycling great.

I have seen Wisconsin mountain biking from many sides, as a racer (in such major events such as the Wisconsin Off Road Series, Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series and more) and working in the bicycle industry (Hayes Bicycle Group, Gore Ride On, and for the Wheel & Sprocket).  I am passionate about making Wisconsin more of a destination for all levels of mountain bike enthusiasts. I will work to grow continue the Wisconsin Bike Fed’s collaborative efforts with IMBA and IMBA chapters, and other off-road advocates around the state.

Read more about IMBA and the Bike Fed’s growing relationship here. I hope to see you out in the dirt soon. In the meantime, shoot me an e-mail if you seen any opportunity for me to help you move mountain biking in your community forward.

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