UNCLE! No more snow please

I try to embrace our Wisconsin winters. I commute in any weather Mother Nature throws at me. I ride my Schlick Northpaw fatbike for fun on the local mtb trails. I even get a kick out of putting together the perfect clothing for all conditions. But I am officially ready for spring. I have to work right through my family’s spring break, my wife is a teacher and my daughter is a Junior in high school, so we don’t have a trip planned somewhere warm this year to provide a brief escape.

Sunny and 78 degrees on March 12, 2012

Our weather the last handful of years seems to be getting harder and harder to plan on. Last year it was so warm on St. Patrick’s Day that I was riding without a coat or gloves. I looked up the weather, and it was 78 degrees when I took the photo to the right March 12th last year.

This year that four-leaf clover bell that Russell gave me is on our Schwinn Tandem, which we road to the free (and delicious) Irish Breakfast offered each year by my neighborhood Irish tavern, McBob’s. If you have not gone, they have the best corned-beef. I wore the same pair of green jeans, but I with temperatures in the upper 20s, I had long-johns on underneath, along with a coat and gloves.


Same green jeans as last year, but notice the snow in the background.


Same bell too, but very different weather.

OK, so we probably don’t have the right to expect 78 and sunny by mid March every year, but the average high for this time of year is traditionally around 50 degrees. I’d settle for or temps in the forties.

We are not the only ones experiencing this unseasonably cold weather. Perhaps my favorite race to watch is Milan San Remo. I like it because the scenery is so beautiful. I also get a vicarious bit of warmth watching the racers pedal past palm trees along the Mediterranean coast. Well, this year heavy snow forced the race organizers to close the Passo del Turchino. Riders had to get off their bikes and take their team buses to bypass the ascent and the race eventually restarted on the coast with 130km to San Remo. Needless to say the race coverage did not have the same appeal for me that it usually does.


This looks more like a spring classic in Flanders than it does the coast of Italy. Photo by the always amazing Roberto Bettini, CyclingNews.com


I know, so there is not much we can do about the weather, but sometimes it does help to vent. Feel free to use the comment section below to complain along with me or tell me to quit my whining and keep pedaling!

About Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director

Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

3 thoughts on “UNCLE! No more snow please

  1. I hear you Dave, and completely agree I am ready for winter to be done too. I bike to work year round, but that’s not what I’m worried about this time with snow and cold so late in the season. Instead I’ve got my sights set on my very first 1/2 Ironman at High Cliff State Park on June 15. If the snow keeps falling I’m going to have to push back my road bike training (not about to muck up that bike like I have my commuter with the salt and such). If it comes down to it I’ll set up the bike in the living room on my trainer, but we all know that’s just not the same as getting in time and miles on the pavement. If you or anyone else knows of any anti-snow dances or songs I should be performing, please let me know. I will sing them on my bike all the way to work and back. Keeping my fingers crossed for spring to come soon!

    • Kelly,

      I’m sure this weather is pushing everyone’s training back. At lease you have that to keep the playing field level. That said, there are some excellent indoor training programs that are not that expensive and can dramatically improve your performance racing. We have one in Milwaukee called Speedzone, that just ended. It involves group indoor rides with wattage, lactic and heartbeat threshold training combined with plyometrics. REALLY hard workouts, but in a fun group. I don’t know where you live, but there might be some late winter training you could get in on. Just a thought from a guy who no longer trains indoors or races, so take it for what it is worth ;) . Here’s to warm weather!

  2. I do not agree because when it is that warm, many people are sick because of the fact that most of the nasty stuff that the frost normally kills stays. So this year 2013 was better for me for that reason and the fact that the fruit trees did blossom in the Milwaukee area and then there was no fruit in the summer of
    2012. So yes, on March 21st it should be in the forties. So we did have enough snow and rain in late 2012
    and early in 2013 maybe this summer we will not have a dry summer like we did have in 2012. Dry
    summer’s are not good for most people for many reasons (forest fires, no crops in farm fields just to name
    a few).

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