WE Badger Volunteers partner with the Bike Fed

This year, for the first time, the Wisconsin Bike Fed has recruited some help from the UW-Madison student body!  We’ve partnered with the WE Badger Volunteer program, a new program offered by UW’s Morgridge Center for Public Service, in partnership with We Conserve and UW’s Office of Sustainability.  With a dedication to promoting environmental consciousness and sustainability on campus and beyond, three committed students have joined our staff to help get the word out about the great benefits of a more bike-centered society.  Here they are with a little about themselves.

Hello! My name is Marie Faust and I am a sophomore at UW Madison. I am studying environmental studies and modern European history. I am from Oregon, WI, which is a small town about 15 minutes south of Madison. I absolutely love biking. During the summer I go on 20 miles rides practically every day. Biking the Wisconsin countryside is one of my favorite activities; it gives me the opportunity to experience our state’s beauty almost every day! I also love to rock climb and hike. During the summer I go to Devil’s Lake as often as I can. I am interested in volunteering for the Wisconsin Bike Fed because I not only want to give back to the community, but also help make biking more safe and fun for everyone in the Madison community. I want people to be able to recognize Wisconsin’s beauty through biking. I hope I can encourage more people to hop on their bikes and see all that Wisconsin has to offer.  Working with the Bike Fed will give me the opportunity to show other students how to bike safely around campus. It will also give me the opportunity to help keep those students safe from other motorists on campus. I look forward to volunteering with the Bike Fed and seeing more bikers on the road!


My name is Hans Hansen and I am originally from the panhandle of Nebraska. I am a freshman at UW Madison and I am currently exploring many potential areas of study. When I first visited Madison, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of bikers on the streets and the number of bikes locked to bike racks. It was obvious that biking was part of the culture both on campus and around town. I was involved in various community service projects in my hometown and felt it necessary to continue my commitment to a local cause. The Wisconsin Bike Fed poses a great opportunity for me to serve within my new community while becoming a part of the network of bicyclists who call Wisconsin home. The sense of community and the commitment to the environment that is associated with a group of bicyclists is extremely appealing to me and I look forward to contributing to the organization while obtaining skills that will help me in both my personal and professional lives.


Hello there!  My name is Ryan Thomas and I’m a junior Badger studying Economics and International Studies.  Since moving from Oshkosh to Madison in 2010, I have become increasingly aware of the problems we face as U.S. citizens.  With greenhouse gas emission rates higher than ever and an epidemic of obesity still spreading through our nation, something needs to be done.  I hope that by promoting biking, which combats both of these problems, I can be a part of a great change: a movement towards a healthier, more earth-friendly and environmentally conscious society.  By focusing my efforts through WE Badger Volunteers and the Bike Fed, I hope to bring about noticeable change in student attitudes toward biking.

We are all excited to volunteer for the Wisconsin Bike Federation and we hope to see you on the paths!


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