Bike Fed's letter to the DNR regarding Act 168

This is the letter that the Bike Fed has submitted to the DNR regarding the implementation of Act 168 in our state parks. We encourage you to write your own letters, and to do so quickly, as written comments will only be accepted until November 23, 2012.

Send your written comments to or Wisconsin State Parks – Act 168, PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707-7921.

Ride on!

Bike Fed Response Letter to Act 168

One thought on “Bike Fed's letter to the DNR regarding Act 168

  1. I do agree, it is very dangerous to be on a touring or m0untain bike (non-motor bike) in a hunting area.
    We need to work together on this, hunters and other outdoor people also do spend $$$$$ in WI.
    In Northern WI there are not a lot of places where a non-motor bike can go without being with motorized
    vehicles. Balance is the key word, bikes need to respect hunters and others and the same applies to hunters.
    In southern WI. where more people live it is especially important to maintain the balance of green space and
    places to hunt and bike and other outdoor activities.

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