Now 6 people killed riding bikes this year


Police seek hit-and-run driver who killed man biking to work in Milwaukee

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A hit-and-run crash on Milwaukee’s north side Monday morning pushed the tally of people killed riding bicycles in Wisconsin this year to six, and police are seeking the driver who fled the scene of the latest fatality.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Ronald Forbes, 57, was hit by a Dodge Neon that police suspect was racing a Chrysler mini van at W. Leon Terrace and W. Hampton Ave. about 7 a.m. Forbes, a supervisor at Pieper Electric, regularly bicycled to work, according to the medical examiner’s report.

Forbes’ death adds to a troubling list of tragedies involving people riding bicycles over the past two weeks, including another fatal crash in the Fox Valley and a high-profile crash involving an employee of Saris Cycling Group outside their factory in Fitchburg.

Read the rest of Tom Held’s reports about this spate of crashes on his blog The Active Pursuit. The Bike Fed appreciates Tom’s willingness to share his reports here.

We will be following up with local law enforcement, the state patrol, the district attorney and the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation Bureau of Transportation safety and continue to report more details about these tragic crashes as we get more information.  Stay tuned to this blog as well as The Active Pursuit for updates. I also plan a commentary piece.

If you are interested in making a difference in your area and would like the Bike Fed’s help with a local bicycle safety campaign, please contact me directly via email or phone at 414-431-1798.

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