Cure for the common cold: Planet Bike Borealis Gloves

Hermey gives the Planet Bike Borealis gloves two thumbs up.

Basket full of gloves and mittens in my home office.

I wish they cured the common cold.  I have not been able to shake an annoying virus for weeks now. At least these gloves do help with my perpetually cold fingers.  As soon as the temps drop below 40 degrees, I need something on my hands to keep my fingers warm. I have a big basket of gloves and mittens for varying temperatures on the floor in my office at home. I pick and choose based on how cold the weather report predicts the day will be.

Lately my gloves of choice have been a pair of Planet Bike’s Borealis “semi-lobster” gloves. The index and second finger are separate, but the last to fingers are combined in the shell for added warmth. This offers a combination of dexterity where you can use it and extra warmth where you need the dexterity.

There are a number of features on these gloves that keep them on the top of the pile.  First and foremost they keep my fingers warm. It has not been super cold lately, but it has dropped down into the twenties and the Borealis gloves have kept my fingers warm for all my commutes and errands.  These rides are usually not too much longer than 45 minutes.

The velcro cuffs on the gloves let you snug them down over jackets to keep out the draft.

The second most important feature I like about these gloves are the 5 finger removable fleece liner gloves.  When used as liners they are soft and comfy.  I can take them out to dry when I get to work if my hands sweat at all.  And if it warms up during the day, I can remove them entirely and just where the outer lobster gloves or just wear the fleece liners without the outer shell. I really like that the liners have five fingers because that makes them look more “normal” when I am wearing them off the bike walking.

The shells are marketed as water resistant and windproof. They have lots of built-in retro reflective piping piping, which make them good traffic signals at night.  The palms of the shell have fabric sewn on the pressure points, which help keep the cold out, offer greater water resistance, add comfort and should make the gloves last longer.

As I mentioned, these are my go t0 gloves for winter temperatures into the mid to upper twenties.  For colder temps regular readers will remember I gave rave reviews to Bar Mitts, which I use on my straight bar commuter bike and my Schlick Northpaw fat bike. I know it is supposed to get into the 50s or even the low 60s here in SE Wisconsin where I ride, so this end of season review is more for all my friends in Northern Wisconsin who will be snow-bound and riding in cold weather for a while yet.

The gloves retail for $42 from the Planet Bike store, but you can get them for less at most local bike shops using your Bike Fed member discount. These gloves will also help you sleep at night knowing our pals at Planet Bike donate part of their profits to bicycle advocacy organizations like the Bike Fed.


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