Brooklyn man faces 40 years for killing father of two

The man who killed a 33-year-old father of two bicycling near Madison in August faces a 40-year prison term, after pleading guilty to a homicide charge in Dane County Circuit Court Tuesday. Kevin D. Meister, 36, pleaded guilty to the charges of homicide while driving under the influence of a controlled substance and possession of [...]

Deaths remind us to be more careful driving, walking and biking

Police have arrested two people in connection with crashes that killed pedestrians on Sunday and Monday.   Three tragedies on Milwaukee streets – in less than a week – delivered a stark reminder of the need ┬áto slow down, watch out for our neighbors and make it safer for everyone on Wisconsin roadways. On Thursday, [...]

Wisconsin Bike Fed makes October Wisconsin Walks Month

Walking in Wisconsin should be a safe–not spooky–activity enjoyed by everyone from children on their way to school to senior citizens staying healthy through exercise. To help make walking safer and more enjoyable, the Wisconsin Bike Fed will coordinate events across the state throughout the month of October, and participate in International Walk and Bike [...]

Judge: Driver imposed life sentence on himself, grieving family

Adam Neuhaus imposed a life sentence on himself and two loving families the moment he drove negligently on a Germantown road, killed a 50-year-old father riding a bicycle and fled the scene. Washington County Circuit Judge Todd Martens made that observation after he listened to Neuhaus choke an apology through sobs and studied the anguish [...]

Limited funds support new trail and safe routes in Wisconsin

Routes for people to walk and bike will be improved in more than two-dozen Wisconsin communities through federal funding awards, while another 36 eligible projects will be delayed by the limited money allocated by the Legislature to transportation alternatives. In the two-year funding cycle, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will distribute $15.2 million to provide [...]